SAJ Electrical Services
                                                                  An Indoff Energy Solutions Partner
                                                 Our Services
  • LED Retrofit Projects
  • Direct to Consumer LED Products
  • Free Lighting Energy Audits
  • Free ROI Analysis
  • Free Rebate Submission
  • Electrical Rate Reduction
  • Electrical Installations
  • Zero Money Down Solutions
Why SAJ Electrical Services? -Because Experience Matters
Serving Northern New England for 25+ years in the electrical field, owner Stephen Jacques Master Electrician and Indoff Energy Solutions Partner is committed to providing quality products and service to his customers. Steve cares about his customers and will do everything possible to make sure that they get the best LED energy solution from a broad spectrum of products.
LED Lighting
As the revolution in LED lighting evolves, new manufacturers and companies are coming on line everyday with bold claims of lifelong superiority being made. Having tested and installed hundreds of these products owner Stephen Jacques has found the best of the best LED solutions and only supplies and installs these niche products for his customers. Every customer has different needs. Having so many great LED options at our disposal, we focus on providing the correct solution for each customer.
Electrical Rate Reduction
SAJ Electrical Services has established a relationship with Agera, a large national supplier of electricity and natural gas. We are just one step away from the generators of power, so our rates are incredibly low. Our most popular product is a one year fixed contract. Not only will you be able to more accurately forecast your energy costs, but you will avoid wild swings in energy rates.
Electrical Installations
Working in the electrical field for 25+ years, owner Steve Jacques has the experience to handle any type of electrical installation from commercial to residential. Whether it's an LED installation, new construction or a portable generator transfer switch, let us bring our expertise to your next electrical project.
As a Master Electrician and an Energy Solutions Partner with Indoff, we are excited to offer businesses ways to save significant money on their lighting costs and utility bills, while also helping them become green by using eco-friendly products and cutting down on their carbon footprint. There is no better feeling than providing these services to our customers.

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